Acne is a problem for innumerable people of many different ages.  Acne comes in many forms and levels of severity.  Whiteheads and blackheads are also considered to be a form of comedonal acne and are usually light cases.  Acne in its most severe forms will come in the form of pustules and nodules.  Pustules are smaller growths that contain pus and nodules will be larger and containing pus as well.  Cystic acne cases are the worst and these growths will be painful to the touch and can cause severe scarring if not deal with properly.

The most common type of acne is acne vulgaris and cases of this type will contain whiteheads and blackheads during breakouts.  Also, there is acne rosacea, which can occur in those that have the skin condition rosacea.  Rosacea will be accompanied by acne in various areas and these acne growths will generally be pustules.  Acne conglobata is another type and this acne is more on the serious side and will include multiple forms of acne that are spread out in large areas on the skin.  Men are more commonly affected by acne conglobata.  Perioral dermatitis is a skin condition that affects more women.  This kind of acne usually appears around the mouth and small bumps and growths may be filled with pus.  Whatever type of acne a person is suffering from, they will have more than one treatment option.  Acne types are all caused for the same reasons, so they will all have the same treatment methods.  Of course, those who have severe acne types may want to pick some of the most powerful treatment options.

Acne treatments are wide and varying.  Many acne treatments are over the counter treatments that everyone will have access to and other treatments require a visit to a specialist.  Whatever treatment methods you choose, you should always pair those treatments with a daily cleansing routine that is effective.  Gentle cleansers are great to use as you will not have the chance to further irritate your acne with harsh cleansers.  Be sure to watch your diet as acne can be intensified if you eat too many fatty and sugar filled foods.  These foods can cause your body to produce more oils, which will lead to acne breakouts.

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