Blackheads are are related to pimples and are composed of the same oil, which is sebum.  This oil contributes to the  production of blackheads and pimples when this oil clogs up the pores of an individual.  The reason that blackheads look different in appearance to pimples is due to the exposure that blackheads have to the air.  When the oil is exposed to the air, it will cause the widely recognized black blemish color.  Most people who suffer from blackheads can easily hide the noticeable black color of these blemishes with make-up types.  However, most of the people with these skin irritations would rather rid themselves of blackheads entirely as opposed to covering them with make-up.

One of the most important tips for dealing with blackheads is to never squeeze these blemishes.  As with squeezing pimples, squeezing and picking and blackheads can cause further irritation or permanent scarring, which no one is interested in having.  Those who have these types of blemishes may choose to treat them with different products that are used to treat pimples as well.  Pimples and blackheads, as fore mentioned, are both caused by the over production of oil by the body’s glands.  This overproduction of oil in combination with improper shedding of the skin can cause blackheads for a myriad of different people of all different ages.  Therefore, if you want to combat blackheads will full force, you will want to incorporate preventative measures into your blackhead fighting routine.  The proper daily cleansing routine is one of the best treatments and preventative measures for blackheads.  Gentle cleaners are often recommended as you should be concerned with using cleaners that are more harsh and can dry the skin out even more, making it shed improperly.

Blackheads can be more persistent for some, even with a daily cleaning routine that is top notch.  For those who have blackheads which have proven to be more persistent, you must remember that the aggressive manipulation of your skin will never be a good choice.  Therefore, you may need to be more gentle with your skin cleaning habits.  Scrubbing your skin can not only leave it red and irritated, it can further force oil and dirt blockage deeper into your pores and this will increase pimple accumulation as well.

A daily cleanser containing Glycolic Acid will help to gently exfoliate the skin without scrubbing, and remove build up of dirt and make-up.

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