11 March 2010

Could this cream be the answer to our cellulite prayers?


Cellulite can be a problem for both women and men alike.  Of course, it is mostly women who seek out remedies for their cellulite problems.  Recently, there has been more demand than ever before for cellulite remedies on the market.  Therefore, anyone who is looking to tackle their cellulite problems will have many products to choose from.  Some of these products will likely be more effective than others as most of the cellulite products are still ineffective.

Cellulite will be manifested on the surface of a person’s skin and cellulite will come in the form of bumps and lumps.  The bumps and lumps happen because of what is going on underneath the skin.  If you have cellulite, this means that fat build up in the subcutaneous layer has expanded to the upright chamber style storage cells where fat is now being contained.  The chamber style storage cells have expanded to the point where it is pushing against your skin and is causing the lumps and bumps on the surface skin that are considered unattractive.  Cellulite is not only caused by fat build up as it can also be caused by poor circulation as well along with toxin build up, poorly hydrated skin and poor collagen production.  Therefore, if you have cellulite you will need to pinpoint what is causing it so that you can properly attempt to treat the lumps and bumps you are experiencing.  If you are not exactly sure which one of these factors is causing cellulite for you, you can always seek advice from a medical professional who can better diagnose the reason for your bumps and lumps.

As mentioned previously, there are many cellulite remedies in which some will be effective and many will not.  Cosmetic procedures and over the counter treatments are both available for the removal of cellulite.  Cosmetic procedures can be more effective for those who are experiencing cellulite due to fat build up.  Cosmetic procedures will work to reduce the fat in the subcutaneous layer and will provide the most immediate results for an individual.  Of course, cosmetic procedures are the most expensive option, so they may not be right for everyone.  Cellulite creams are the most popular over the counter option and they are in high demand.  These are far more affordable than cosmetic procedures and are easy to use.  Some of them are effective in the reduction of cellulite bumps and lumps, but it is wise to remember that not all of these will be effective for your personal case.

Treatments: Body Brushing, Cream, Liposuction, Lipomassage, Exercise, Drink Water.

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