Cold Sores

Cold sores are both painful and embarrassing and all cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus.  Altogether, there are eight known types of herpes and two of these have been identified as the cause of cold sores.  Herpes simplex type one and herpes simplex type two can both be the cause of the cold sores we experience.  Virtually every person on earth carries these highly contagious forms of the herpes simplex, so it is no wonder that cold sores can be such a problem for so many people.

Normally, these herpes simplex forms will be dormant, therefore many people can carry it without even being aware.  It is when these forms become active that they can cause the painful and embarrassing cold sores.  When the herpes simplex one or two becomes active, it will begin replicating itself around your lips and nose and this is what will cause the tell tale tingling sensation and then cold sores.  Knowing what can trigger these herpes simplex forms into activation is good to know to further reduce the occurrence of cold sores.  Of course, cold sores are often triggered when a person is suffering from a cold or the flu.  The cold and flu season is also well known as the cold sore season as well.  Therefore, avoiding colds and the flu to the best of your ability is one known way to cut down on cold sores.  Stress is also claimed to be a trigger for activating the cold sore virus.  Both physical and mental stress have been linked to cold sores.  Therefore, the elimination of any kind of stress will help to contain cold sore outbreaks.  Injuries to the areas of the lips and nose are also said to be able to trigger cold sores.

Keeping your body’s pH balance in a neutral state is the best way to control these cold sore outbreaks.  Viruses like these love acidic body pH, which stress, foods and other factors can create.  Avoid foods like chocolate, sugar, table salt, soft drinks, some meats, coffee and other some other foods to keep your pH range out of the acidic.  There are over the counter medicines that you can use to apply to cold sores or to ingest that will help them clear up faster and be less painful in the process.

Treatments: Use lip balm containing SPF, Antiviral cream such as Zovirax.