Almost everybody wants to have flawless skin. This is just not about being vain, it also affects confidence. Having a clean appearance gives one a positive outlook in life. The part of the body that gets the first impression besides the hair is the skin. The main task of the skin is protection and insulation. Since human skin is not as tough and thick like other animals, we need to take care of it. But now science offers many ways to repair damaged skin.

A procedure known as dermabrasion works by removing the skin’s outermost layer. Skin blemishes, scars and sun damaged skin are removed by this procedure.

An instrument called dermabrader is employed for this procedure. There are many types of dermabrader, it could be electric, carbon dioxide laser or erbium laser. Traditional dermabrasion process using an electric sander is more painful than laser procedures. This incorporates use of a general anaesthetic so the patient can endure the pain. Using laser technology, this can be prevented.

Infection could occur if the skin that is operated on is not looked after, so after the operation one must take ample rest. Regeneration and healing may take weeks. Dermabrasion is effective for scars just above the surface of skin, but when it comes to deep scars; it is not effective because internal layers of the skin are involved. But comparatively, applying laser technology is much more pricey than the classic dermabrasion procedure.

Before you decide to go through this procedure, please consult a dermatologist first. A healthy body, especially the immune system is important before going through such an invasive treatment. Enough rest and cleanliness is also required to recover fast and without scarring.

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