Eyebrow Threading

At the weekend I was browsing in my local department store and came across the Brow Bar which was a walk-in eyebrow threading counter. I watched in fascination as the beautician manipulated a long cotton thread between her mouth and fingers, twisting it to pluck out the hairs with amazing precision.

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique originating from India, the Middle & Far East and is taught in families, but is now growing in popularity with Westeners, especially since the introduction of these walk-in Brow Bars to shopping Centres & Department Stores.

So I decided to go for it. I lay back in the chair, and she began. I must admit it was more painful than I expected, I’ve always been a plucker and I can tolerate one hair at a time, but I could feel every single hair being pulled out by the root by this piece of thread and my eyes were watering like crazy! I always thought you were never supposed to remove hairs from the top of the brow but she threaded there too, then out came the scissors to trim the longer hairs!

Time to see the finished results – Wow! My skin is so red!! But my newly threaded eyebrows were a fabulous shape, somehow look longer than they did before and its so true that they really do frame your face. I’m addicted already!

Now to get out of here before I see anyone I know with a ridiculous red face but gorgeous eyebrows!

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