Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is an acid that is part of the family of alpha hydroxy acid or AHA that is under carboxylic acid. Glycolic acid is distinguished from sugarcane as it has its distinct properties that are very beneficial for a variety of industrial and consumer application. One application that is widely accepted is the use of glycolic acid for personal skin care products. A glycolic acid face peels is made out of glycolic acid that functions to improve the appearance of the skin and fight acne, wrinkles, sun damage to the skin, and uneven pigmentation such as melasma, age spots & liver spots.

A chemical process is undergone by products used for personal skin care referred to as glycolic acid face peel. Alcohols are used as part of the production of glycolic acid face peel as these are combined with glycolic acid in the aim of creating esters. Ester brings the skin care product to prevent the skin from having irritation aside from making it smell fragrant.

Glycolic acid is considered to be the most advantageous and the most active of all the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) in the skin care product industry. Glycolic acid penetrates the epidermal cells on the outermost layer of the skin. The dead cells are held together by means of weakening the binding properties of lipids which are glue-like.

The outer skin layer that was once damage is gradually peeled off to reveal new underlying skin cells.   This mechanism is the very reason why the texture of the skin becomes even. Additionally, there is a penetration of glycolic acid on the new skin cell membrane in order to be stimulated for the production of elastic fibers and collagen necessary for the improvement and strengthening of the condition of the skin.

Notable about glycolic acid among alpha hydroxy acids is that it is the mildest chemical peel formula. The skin then becomes more vibrant and smoother for those who are candidates of using glycolic acid including those who have apparent wrinkles in different body parts, uneven pigmentation problems, dry skin, liver spots, and large facial pores.

Pink discoloration can be outstanding to the skin that is treated with glycolic acid but this goes away later on. There are also times where there are minor flaking in some of the parts of the body. The peeling of the skin that is used with glycolic acid face peel is not severe. It is still best to ask for the advice of a dermatologist in order to know the recommended concentration that must be found in a glycolic acid face peel skin product.

You should use a mild daily glycolic product to maintain the effects of a glycolic peel, and to keep the skin even is colour and free from breakouts. One such product is MD Formulations Glycolic Cleanser.

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