Popular skin whitening treatments nowadays contain hydroquinone. You may ask what hydroquinone is. Hydroquinone is a component of skin treatment products, and is an organic chemical compound. Hydroquinone is also used for making herbicides and dyestuff, so the question of its safety arises. Studies have been carried out to test the risks of hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is believed to be a potential cancer causing chemical. After being tested on rats, they formed tumors and proved that it can cause cancer.  It is also proven that it can cause dark blue pigmentation on skin, called exogenous ochronosis.

A advertisement against hydroquinone whiteners once appeared on television.   It showed an apple treated with a hydroquinone whitener, and immediately it turned to black.   It is possible to occur on human skin. It is already banned to be used as a skin whitening ingredient last 2001 because of the findings that it can cause cancer on rats. However it is not yet proven to cause cancer on humans.   It has other side effects on the contrary, like irritation, redness or worse, stains on the skin. Although its usefulness is proven, its adverse effects should also be considered. It is wise to think about using it. It could cause allergic reactions specially if the hydroquinone treatment used has sodium metabisulphate. It could also cause crusting on sensitive skin, so before you try to use any treatment with hydroquinone, seek first the advice of a doctor or dermatologist. If someone has any allergies, this is an important reminder.

There are still many skin treatment products out there that contain hydroquinone, so always check the label of the product you will buy. If you want to be hydroquinone-free, do this. Although a minimum of 2-4% hydroquinone content is tolerated, it can still be dangerous with prolonged use. Exogenous ochronosis, dermatitis and hyper pigmentation are some more risks of using hydroquinone on skin treatment.

Wanting to treat your skin from some diseases or discoloration does not need to put your whole body at risk. So does wanting to have a fair glowing skin, but it should not come with a price you can’t afford to lose-your life.   So before using any skin whitening treatment or any skin treatment, be sure that the product to be used is safe and effective. Satisfaction with your appearance will make you prettier than anything in this world.

Hydroquinone is contained in many over the counter beauty products so please check the ingredients!

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