Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid is a Japanese product derived from mushrooms and is now used in many over the counter beauty products. It is considered to be a safer alternative to hydroquinone which is banned in some countries due to fears it can cause cancer. However – it seems there are also dangers to Kojic Acid.

Kojic Acid is effective in inhibiting melanin production. With less melanin production, the skin tone will be lighter. Unlike chemicals like hydroquinone, kojic acid is a natural substance formed from fermenting rice. The fungi where kojic acid is yielded from is called koji. Kojic acid may be a safe alternative to chemical skin whitening treatments, but is it really safe? Some researches assert that kojic acid may cause cancer in large amounts. Kojic acid is believed to be cancerous when used in large doses. It is also used to preserve the freshness and color of foods. Concerning humans, kojic acid is used to treat melasma.

When kojic acid is exposed to sun or air, it could lose its effectiveness. Kojic diplamate, because of its stability is used instead by some companies. Kojic diplamate however does not come close to kojic acid’s effectiveness. Since it inhibits the formation rate of pigmentation, it has been used as skin whitening content. It may be effective , but its safety is still in doubt. Kojic acid is effective in diminishing dark spots, freckles and acne. Stretch marks, uneven skin tone and other skin tone disorders can also be cured by kojic acid treatments. It also eliminates free radicals and it keeps the cells healthy. Kojic acid products varies from creams, serums, gels and soaps.

Kojic acid application is not just limited on the food industry, but also on the cosmetic industry. However it also has side effects. One disadvantage of it is that it makes skin very sensitive from frequent use. Allergic contact dermatitis could also be developed with kojic acid use. Walking under the sun would be a drag for a kojic acid user because skin becomes susceptible to damage brought by sunlight. Dark circles in the eye are some of its disadvantage. So before using any skin treatment product that can alter skin tone, one must consult a doctor or dermatologist first. There are potential dangers in using kojic acid treatments. If any problems are met with using kojic acid products, abstaining from it is recommended.

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