My Skin Care & Beauty Routine

Here is my daily skin care routine and the products I can’t live without:

Vitage Daily Cleanser – I use this every morning and night. It’s fab at removing make-up, even mascara and you only need a tiny amount.

MD Formulations Glycolic cleanser – gentle daily exfoliation to help keep skin clear of spots.

Clinique Eye Cream – don’t really know if it’s working but as I’m getting older I don’t dare not use one!

Clinique Moisturiser – lovely and light, even the one for dry skin is not greasy.

Bare Minerals Foundation – in Medium Beige. “Make-up so pure you can sleep in it.” And apparently Jennifer Aniston uses it! Tip: Use with a Kabuki brush.

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil – a must if you suffer from a shiny forehead like me! I discovered this product about three years ago after thinking there was no solution to the reflection of light bouncing from my face on every photograph I was in.

Benefit Erase Paste – simply the best concealer ever!

MAC cream blush – nice colour but not sure if there is a better one out there, i dab it on the apples of cheeks with my ring finger but its too thick to blend in! Any suggestions let me know please!

Nivea Lip Gloss – cheap, moisturising, pretty colours and my hair doesn’t end up stuck to my lips.

Lancome Mascara – the vibrating one is pretty good.

MAC – eyeshadow pigment. I was bought this as a Xmas prezzy and love it! Tip: do your eyes before your make-up base then you can wipe away excess which falls under your eyes so you don’t go out sporting the panda look!

Eyelure Individual False Eyelashes – very natural looking if you use the short and medium length ones. Avoid the long lashes unless you want to look like Daisy the Cow! They are quite cheap so a guilt free luxury – who can afford expensive lash extensions; we are in a recession you know!

St Tropez Aero Bronze – the best self tan I have ever used. To do it yourself is a bit tricky at first but I have become a pro! Tip: stand in the shower to spray your body then it is easily rinsed afterwards, lightly spray your face from as far away as you can reach. NEVER spray directly on your feet as they will turn bright orange! The falling mist from the rest of your body will be enough for your feet. (Stand on loo paper so you don’t get any on your soles!) If you want a darker tan build it up gradually with a second application the following day.

Well, thats my own personal beauty tips, I hope to try more products and let you know what I think of them. Please feel free to tell me your beauty secrets or favourite products.