Oily Skin

Oily skin can be linked to both genetics and hormonal imbalance and can cause acne and other skin problems.  Statistics show that over three million adult in the United States alone suffer problems with excessive oily skin.  While oily skin is not painful, it is annoying, embarrassing and can lead to acne problems which can become painful in serious cases.  Those who have oily skin can approach reducing the occurrence of excess oils on their skin in several ways.

Oily skin can be caused by many factors like many other skin conditions and problems.  When the sebaceous glands in an individual are in overdrive, oily skin will be a problem.  The sebaceous glands are those that produce the oils that are found on our faces and in our hair.  The oils are produced to protect our hair and skin, but an over abundance of these oils can lead to problems.  Scalp dermatitis, acne, enlarged pores and even psoriasis, in some cases, can be caused by these glands going into overdrive and producing too much oil.  These glands may go into overdrive because of certain foods, common allergies, too much humidity, reactions to certain chemicals in products we use and even as a reaction to heat.  Therefore, a person who suffers from oily skin will need to learn what is causing their glands to go into overdrive and tackle the problem from there.  Many studies have been conducted on how to control oily skin and the over production of sebum, which is the term for the oils in our pores.  Unfortunately, there is now always a lot we can do to control certain triggers that cause the glands to go into overdrive, especially when genetics are the main cause of the over active glands.

Those who have problems with oily skin can find solutions in for some of their problems with over the counter products.  There are special facial cleansers, toners and masks that are designed to treat and absorb excessive oils and offer a certain control of the oils.  These products can also be bought specialized for sensitive faces so that there are no further irritations to the skin.  Cutting down on certain foods and drinks will help to reduce the production of oils as well.

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