The skin disease that is known as psoriasis may affect both women and men of all ages.  This is one of the skin diseases that can appear at any point in your life, even as a baby.  Psoriasis is also one of the skin diseases that is largely misunderstood as many people are put off by the severe look of it and many are scared that it is contagious. There are various types of this skin disease and none of these variations of the disease have a known cure.  Depending on the type of psoriasis that a person has, the symptoms and treatment options may fluctuate.

Organic Psoriasis Cream

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Black Currant Seed Oil, Grape Seed Extract, Avocado Fruit Oil, Andiroba Oil, Mountain Grape Barberry Extract, Burdock Root Extract, Cocoa Butter, Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea Extract, Vegetable Emulsifier, Broadleaved Lavender Extract, Panthenol Vitamin B5, Oregano Essential Oil, East African Camphorwood Essential Oil, Vitamin E.

The most common known type of this skin disease in known as plaque psoriasis.  This variation of the disease is also often called psoriasis vulgaris and this variation of the disease can make those who are not familiar with it possibly flinch when they encounter a person who suffers from this skin disease.  It appears on the afflicted person as dry, elevated, red patches that are covered with a layer of white-ish scale.  People who are unfamiliar with this disease often claim that they worry about contagion and other biological factors when presented with it for the first time.  However, those who feel oddly about this disease should further their education as it is not contagious.  Eighty percent of those who suffer from forms of psoriasis suffer from psoriasis vulgaris or plaque psoriasis.  Guttate psoriasis is a variation of this disease that will appear as small, drop-like shape lesions that appear on the torso, arms, legs and even the scalp.  Upper respiratory infections often cause this type of psoriasis and certain bacteria associated with these infections contributes to the causing of this variation of psoriasis.

Pustular psoriasis is another form of the psoriasis disease and can cover large portions of the body in many cases.  Of course, this psoriasis can also be localized into the areas of the hands and feet.  Pustular psoriasis unfortunately comes in the form of blisters with non-infectious pus on the skin, which can be disabling when effecting the palms of the hands and/or the soles of your feet.  This psoriasis has been the form the people most often acquire first before the others and can evolve into plaque psoriasis.  Whether it evolves into plaque psoriasis or continues to plague only hands, feet and other parts of the body, both large and small, this form of the disease can be severely painful.  There is also erythrodermic psoriasis, which is uncommon, effecting only one to two percent of the total psoriasis sufferers.  The whole body is likely to be effected in all cases of this form of the disease and will appear as a full body rash which is inflamed, dry, painful and itch.



Whiteheads, which are also commonly known as milia, can be described as small bumps on the skin that are white in color.  Whiteheads, like blackheads, are related to pimples.  Whiteheads are more or less acne growths that are caused by similar factors.  Whiteheads are very likely the most common type of acne, even more so than blackheads, and whiteheads can be found on people of all ages.  Of course, teens are most effected by these blemishes.  This is due to the fact that these blemish types are associated with hormonal changes in the body and the hormonal extremes of the human body will take place during puberty and the next few years following this time.

At times, like during puberty, the human body will produce hormones in greater qualities than are normal.  During these times of heightened hormone production, the bodily glands will begin to secrete oils in excess as well, and oils like sebum, which cause acne, will be deposited into the hair follicles of the skin.  Sebum, cellular fragments and oils will become rigid in the hair follicles of the skin and this will cause whiteheads.  Whiteheads will stand up from the skin, but unlike blackheads, the oils that cause these blemishes will not be exposed to the air and will not become black in color.  Instead, the cellular fragments will enclose the top of these blemishes and the oils will not have the chance to become exposed to the air and oxygen because of these fragments.  Because whiteheads are an enclosed style blemishes, they are also referred to as closed comedones and this enclosing of the blemish is what causes the white or yellow color.  However, if bacteria are exposed to the outside of a whitehead, they can still irritate the blemish even though it is enclosed.  Fortunately, whiteheads do not often become inflamed or irritated with outside bacteria.

Whiteheads can be treated with various cleansers, all natural treatments and with preventative measure, as with most acne associated skin problems.  All natural treatments are becoming the favorite of many people these days as they are safe for use and do not include harsh chemicals or other ingredients that can cause further irritation or harm the skin.  This is important because like blackheads and other forms of acne, gentle , but effective treatments are the most helpful and will give the best results.


Running Can Cause Cellulite!

Most people think that lack of exercise causes cellulite, and women all over the world endlessly seek to find the cure to the ‘orange peel’ or ‘dimpled skin’. It has now been revealed that the exercise method most dread and many try so hard at to achieve the perfect body – running- can actually cause it! Not to mention joint damage and putting strain on the heart too. A more effective way to exercise is intensity training in short bursts.

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Skin Blemishes & Imperfections

There are many factors that contribute to skin blemishes for a number of people. These factors include genetics, diet, stress, unfavorable weather, excess oil on the skin, clogged pores, aging and skin damage brought about by the harmful rays from the sun. Moreover, these factors affect the early aging leading to the development of skin blemishes that are prominent on the face. Forms of skin blemishes include blackheads, whiteheads, acne and sun damage such as age spots and liver spots.

Skin blemishes can also be generated from severe dryness leading to cracking in the skin. The redness can be lessened by means of application of topical creams that reduce the inflammation of the skin. Immediate visit your skin doctor to know more about the condition of your skin especially if you have skin blemishes.

Diet is an important factor to consider if you want to remove the dark spots in your skin. Keep in mind that your skin is the reflection of your health or lack of nutrition granting that the skin is the biggest organ of the body. Fish and nuts as well as fruits and vegetables are healthy for the skin. A lot of water is needed for your skin to be moist all of the time and for your body to be hydrated. In order for you to avoid having skin blemishes, you have to avoid having your skin dry and deprived of nutrition.

Whenever you have to get out and be exposed to the sun, always practice proper routines for your own protection just like considering preventative measures for the surface of your skin. The best thing to do is to stay away from the peak hours of the intense heat of the sun. There are ways that you can consider in order to protect your skin from the production of skin blemishes such as applying sunscreen most especially if you cannot avoid the peak hours of the intense heat of the sun. Those who have sensitive skin must stay away from the harmful radiation generated by the sun since even the smallest amount of it can produce blemishes in your skin. Heavy moisturizers can also be applied to guard the skin from being dehydrated.

There are also anti-aging creams that you can use for your regular skin care. There is nothing to worry about for these creams because they are medically tested and proven. Anti-aging creams are made out of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA), and peptides that are all effective on taking care of the skin. Use these products as directed because each product has different usage compared to others.

What you put on your face can cause imperfections, redness and pimples. A skin specialist will recommend a non pore-clogging moisturizer and mineral make-up such as ID BareEscentuals is a fantastic product for problem skin.


Age Spots & Liver Spots

Age spots are also known as liver spots and are pigmentation marks on the surface of sun damaged skin. Since they are caused by sun exposure, age spots are scientifically called solar lentingines. These present color varying from brown, gray and black. The sizes are from the size of a freckle to larger spots that are centimeter across. Normally, age spots form in a cluster, but there are also those than stand alone.

Body parts that are exposed to the sun regularly are usually the first to show age spots. Typically, shoulders, face, arms, and hands are susceptible areas. Age spots normally appear in people who are more than 40 years old. Nonetheless, those who are younger may also experience age spots depending on the amount of sun exposure over the years.

In order to verify whether the mark is an age spot or if it is a more serious skin condition, consulting a skin specialist is a must. There is normally an increase in the pigmentation in the skin when there is an age spot. An age spot typically has a flat and elongated look.

Being raised, multi-colored and irregularly shaped are warning signs and you must see a dermatologist to determine whether the brown spot is a more serious mark or not. You can request for assistance from a physician in determining this. Always remember that having a harmful mark may be tantamount to a health risk.

By means of using sunscreens you can prevent age spots, although you cannot reverse the sun damage from years ago but sunscreen will minimise any further damage. Sunscreens are able to prevent the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun. The skin becomes dark because of melanin. Without an aid on protecting the skin from UV rays, there is a maximization of melanin production in the skin.

Genetics may also be a contributor to the development of age spots.   Those who have freckles or fair skin are more prone to have dark spots like this. Conversely, those who have lighter skins have less natural protection from the UV rays.

Appearance of age spots in the skin may also be attributed to aging itself. There is an apparent melanin production increase due to aging. An uneven skin complexion is considered to be as aging as wrinkles.

Age spots can be removed in many ways. In spite of their being harmless to the body, age spots are considered by many people to be unattractive. Treatment options include cryotherapy, dermabrasion, laser removal, chemical skin peels and age spot removal cream. However, proactive prevention like the utilization of broad-spectrum sunscreens is recommended by skin doctors over expensive treatments.



Almost everybody wants to have flawless skin. This is just not about being vain, it also affects confidence. Having a clean appearance gives one a positive outlook in life. The part of the body that gets the first impression besides the hair is the skin. The main task of the skin is protection and insulation. Since human skin is not as tough and thick like other animals, we need to take care of it. But now science offers many ways to repair damaged skin.

A procedure known as dermabrasion works by removing the skin’s outermost layer. Skin blemishes, scars and sun damaged skin are removed by this procedure.

An instrument called dermabrader is employed for this procedure. There are many types of dermabrader, it could be electric, carbon dioxide laser or erbium laser. Traditional dermabrasion process using an electric sander is more painful than laser procedures. This incorporates use of a general anaesthetic so the patient can endure the pain. Using laser technology, this can be prevented.

Infection could occur if the skin that is operated on is not looked after, so after the operation one must take ample rest. Regeneration and healing may take weeks. Dermabrasion is effective for scars just above the surface of skin, but when it comes to deep scars; it is not effective because internal layers of the skin are involved. But comparatively, applying laser technology is much more pricey than the classic dermabrasion procedure.

Before you decide to go through this procedure, please consult a dermatologist first. A healthy body, especially the immune system is important before going through such an invasive treatment. Enough rest and cleanliness is also required to recover fast and without scarring.


Fraxel Laser

Aging can be a very frightful process for an individual who is very conscious about their looks. However, since this cannot be prevented completely, many people maximise their efforts on delaying the inevitable signs of aging and due to this the anti-aging industry is booming. Aging not only brings wrinkles and fine lines, but uneven skintone such as dark spots on the skin also appear as a person ages.

Dark spots on the skin could be caused by several factors, one of which is exposure to the sun. Being exposed to the sun for long periods of time is a factor for having uneven pigmentation on the skin such as age spots & liver spots. The human body produces melanin, which gives us our skin pigment. Melanin protects our skin from the damage that the sun may bring. When skin is out under the sun for a long time, darker skin is the result. That is how melanin works.   However, melanin, when produced at irregular levels can make the skin tone uneven and leave dark spots.

Dark spots are also associated to aging. Especially if it is on the face, it could really be a irritation. There are lots of options to choose from when wanting to eliminate dark spots. On the contrary not all treatments are appropriate to everyone.

Fraxel Laser treatment is a sure way to get rid of dark spots. Dark spots are removed effectively through Fraxel laser treatment. Fraxel is the abbreviated form of Fractional Erbium Laser. The difference between Fraxel Laser treatment and other laser treatments is that it does not take long and several processes to complete unlike other laser treatment procedures.  Other laser treatment procedures can produce redness, swelling and skin exfoliation. As the saying goes, when there is no pain, there is no gain.

The thing with Fraxel laser treatment is that its procedure could only take one session and it is very effective in removing dark spots from any parts of the body.  Fraxel is a very effective solution for dark spots. Despite its effectiveness, Fraxel treatment can be very expensive. If you can’t pay for it, there are still many ways to get rid of dark spots. But if you insist on this effective way of removing dark spots, then be prepared to pay for it.

Existing dark spots are removed by Fraxel treatment, but not future dark spots. One can’t be too sure of persistent dark spots. Preventing exposure to the sun and using sunscreen is the best way to prevent dark spots from coming back.



Popular skin whitening treatments nowadays contain hydroquinone. You may ask what hydroquinone is. Hydroquinone is a component of skin treatment products, and is an organic chemical compound. Hydroquinone is also used for making herbicides and dyestuff, so the question of its safety arises. Studies have been carried out to test the risks of hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is believed to be a potential cancer causing chemical. After being tested on rats, they formed tumors and proved that it can cause cancer.  It is also proven that it can cause dark blue pigmentation on skin, called exogenous ochronosis.

A advertisement against hydroquinone whiteners once appeared on television.   It showed an apple treated with a hydroquinone whitener, and immediately it turned to black.   It is possible to occur on human skin. It is already banned to be used as a skin whitening ingredient last 2001 because of the findings that it can cause cancer on rats. However it is not yet proven to cause cancer on humans.   It has other side effects on the contrary, like irritation, redness or worse, stains on the skin. Although its usefulness is proven, its adverse effects should also be considered. It is wise to think about using it. It could cause allergic reactions specially if the hydroquinone treatment used has sodium metabisulphate. It could also cause crusting on sensitive skin, so before you try to use any treatment with hydroquinone, seek first the advice of a doctor or dermatologist. If someone has any allergies, this is an important reminder.

There are still many skin treatment products out there that contain hydroquinone, so always check the label of the product you will buy. If you want to be hydroquinone-free, do this. Although a minimum of 2-4% hydroquinone content is tolerated, it can still be dangerous with prolonged use. Exogenous ochronosis, dermatitis and hyper pigmentation are some more risks of using hydroquinone on skin treatment.

Wanting to treat your skin from some diseases or discoloration does not need to put your whole body at risk. So does wanting to have a fair glowing skin, but it should not come with a price you can’t afford to lose-your life.   So before using any skin whitening treatment or any skin treatment, be sure that the product to be used is safe and effective. Satisfaction with your appearance will make you prettier than anything in this world.

Hydroquinone is contained in many over the counter beauty products so please check the ingredients!


Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid is a Japanese product derived from mushrooms and is now used in many over the counter beauty products. It is considered to be a safer alternative to hydroquinone which is banned in some countries due to fears it can cause cancer. However – it seems there are also dangers to Kojic Acid.

Kojic Acid is effective in inhibiting melanin production. With less melanin production, the skin tone will be lighter. Unlike chemicals like hydroquinone, kojic acid is a natural substance formed from fermenting rice. The fungi where kojic acid is yielded from is called koji. Kojic acid may be a safe alternative to chemical skin whitening treatments, but is it really safe? Some researches assert that kojic acid may cause cancer in large amounts. Kojic acid is believed to be cancerous when used in large doses. It is also used to preserve the freshness and color of foods. Concerning humans, kojic acid is used to treat melasma.

When kojic acid is exposed to sun or air, it could lose its effectiveness. Kojic diplamate, because of its stability is used instead by some companies. Kojic diplamate however does not come close to kojic acid’s effectiveness. Since it inhibits the formation rate of pigmentation, it has been used as skin whitening content. It may be effective , but its safety is still in doubt. Kojic acid is effective in diminishing dark spots, freckles and acne. Stretch marks, uneven skin tone and other skin tone disorders can also be cured by kojic acid treatments. It also eliminates free radicals and it keeps the cells healthy. Kojic acid products varies from creams, serums, gels and soaps.

Kojic acid application is not just limited on the food industry, but also on the cosmetic industry. However it also has side effects. One disadvantage of it is that it makes skin very sensitive from frequent use. Allergic contact dermatitis could also be developed with kojic acid use. Walking under the sun would be a drag for a kojic acid user because skin becomes susceptible to damage brought by sunlight. Dark circles in the eye are some of its disadvantage. So before using any skin treatment product that can alter skin tone, one must consult a doctor or dermatologist first. There are potential dangers in using kojic acid treatments. If any problems are met with using kojic acid products, abstaining from it is recommended.


Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is an acid that is part of the family of alpha hydroxy acid or AHA that is under carboxylic acid. Glycolic acid is distinguished from sugarcane as it has its distinct properties that are very beneficial for a variety of industrial and consumer application. One application that is widely accepted is the use of glycolic acid for personal skin care products. A glycolic acid face peels is made out of glycolic acid that functions to improve the appearance of the skin and fight acne, wrinkles, sun damage to the skin, and uneven pigmentation such as melasma, age spots & liver spots.

A chemical process is undergone by products used for personal skin care referred to as glycolic acid face peel. Alcohols are used as part of the production of glycolic acid face peel as these are combined with glycolic acid in the aim of creating esters. Ester brings the skin care product to prevent the skin from having irritation aside from making it smell fragrant.

Glycolic acid is considered to be the most advantageous and the most active of all the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) in the skin care product industry. Glycolic acid penetrates the epidermal cells on the outermost layer of the skin. The dead cells are held together by means of weakening the binding properties of lipids which are glue-like.

The outer skin layer that was once damage is gradually peeled off to reveal new underlying skin cells.   This mechanism is the very reason why the texture of the skin becomes even. Additionally, there is a penetration of glycolic acid on the new skin cell membrane in order to be stimulated for the production of elastic fibers and collagen necessary for the improvement and strengthening of the condition of the skin.

Notable about glycolic acid among alpha hydroxy acids is that it is the mildest chemical peel formula. The skin then becomes more vibrant and smoother for those who are candidates of using glycolic acid including those who have apparent wrinkles in different body parts, uneven pigmentation problems, dry skin, liver spots, and large facial pores.

Pink discoloration can be outstanding to the skin that is treated with glycolic acid but this goes away later on. There are also times where there are minor flaking in some of the parts of the body. The peeling of the skin that is used with glycolic acid face peel is not severe. It is still best to ask for the advice of a dermatologist in order to know the recommended concentration that must be found in a glycolic acid face peel skin product.

You should use a mild daily glycolic product to maintain the effects of a glycolic peel, and to keep the skin even is colour and free from breakouts. One such product is MD Formulations Glycolic Cleanser.