Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can become a large embarrassment for many people, even if their stretch marks are not easily seen by others.  Stretch marks are a problem for many people, especially after pregnancy, but can also affect men & adolescents.  Virtually all stretch marks will be in relation to pregnancy, sudden weight loss or sudden weight gain.  Children in puberty may be subjected to unbalanced hormones, which can cause rapid weight gain or loss.  Body builders, along with many other people subjected to large weight gains or losses, should be well aware that they are also subject to stretch marks as they work to rapidly grow muscles or if they lose muscle mass rapidly.

Since most people relate stretch marks quickly to pregnant women, stretch marks are often considered to be a women’s issue.  However, as fore mentioned, all people may be subject to stretch marks under the right conditions.  New mothers are the leaders in percentage of people who have stretch marks.  In fact, over eighty percent of new mothers will have to suffer with their new found stretch marks and many mothers are often extremely self conscious about these marks.  Fortunately, most new mothers can rest assured that their post pregnancy stretch marks will last for only a few weeks.  Some women will have no problem waiting for their stretch marks to fade or being embarrassed about them, but it seems the majority of these new mothers do everything in their power to speed up the process of lightening and ridding their body of these stretch marks.  While stretch marks are harmless, some women are just not satisfied with waiting for these marks to vanish on their own and it can be understandable why, as we all want to look out best.

Various treatments exist to help those with stretch marks rid themselves of this embarrassment.  The products that can be found on the market to fade stretch and eventually rid the skin of these marks work best on marks that have not yet began to darken.  Once stretch marks have began darkening on the skin, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them, if it is possible at all at this point.  Prevention of stretch marks, as with many other skin conditions, is the optimal option for those who are interested in keeping their body free of stretch marks.

Laser Surgery is an expensive but effective treatment for stretch marks, or there are many creams available on the market claiming to improve the appearance.

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