As most people around the world know, continuous exposure of your skin to the harsh conditions of the sun will likely result in sunburn.  Sunburn is a skin condition that is not lethal, but it can be quite painful in moderate cases and very uncomfortable.  Severe sunburn cases may take minor medical provisions, but they are usually not significantly harmful in most cases.  However, while a sunburn on occasion may not be a large deal, sunburns on a regular basis can lead to skin cancer.

As science has expanded exponentially over the last one hundred years, we have a good deal of knowledge about the sun and about the damage to the ozone layer.  Damage to the ozone layer over the last sixty years has led more to be wary to their overexposure of the sun as the damage done to the ozone layer has allowed more harsh ultraviolet rays to penetrate the atmosphere.  Over the decades, people have been cautioned to spend less and less time in the sun if they can and if they cannot help but to spend time in the sun, they are cautioned that they must wear a proper  sun block to protect themselves from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Over the years, you have likely seen pictures of those who never heeded this warning over the course of their lives and their skin in older age looks leathery and unattractive.  However, for those who have spent years in the sun without proper protection and have leathery skin are lucky to have leathery, coarse skin as the alternative is skin cancer.  Those who did not heed the warning of scientists and other specialists about the sun over the years may never have been aware that a sunburn is actually a radiation burn from the sun and not a heat burn.  Of course, radiation burns are significantly more damaging in most cases than heat burn.  The sun’s ultraviolet ray’s can damage the skin through penetration without the individual ever really feeling that their skin is overheating until it is too late.

Sunburn is considered to be an immediate type of sun damage and the effects may not be noticed by an individual until several hours after the exposure time.  The skin will redden and a burning sensation is is likely to follow and these uncomfortable feeling may last a duration of twenty-four hours or more, depending on the severity of the sunburn.  Obviously, the more severe the sunburn is, the longer it will take to heal.  Sunburn treatment should really start with sunburn prevention.  It is wise to locate the safest and most effective sun blocks that will not harm your skin with harmful ingredients and who will protect you effectively from the sun’s UV rays.  Prevention of these burns is a step towards prevention of a terrible cancer.

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